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Music For Young Minds Foundation

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It is a widely known fact that studying music has many developmental benefits for young people. We believe that all children should have access to this opportunity regardless of their ability to pay. Here is brief list of just some of the most significant ones and why this work is so important and needs to be done.

1) Studying music increases memorization skills which helps students in other areas of education and learning.

2) Learning a musical instrument can improve a child's hand-eye coordination.

3) Learning to play music can create a greater sense of achievement in the student.

4) Student musicians are more likely to stay in school and excel in other subjects.

5) Musical education adds to the intellectual and cultural development of students.

6) Studying music improves healthy emotional development in children.


7) Learning music builds higher self esteem and reduces anxiety.

8) Music education can help students develop increased math skills.

9) Students who have experience with music performance score higher on SAT tests.

10) Music stimulates the imagination and creativity in early childhood.

11) Learning a musical instrument teaches discipline and commitment to completing tasks.

12) Music ensembles teach students the concept of teamwork and working together in unity with others.

13) Studying a musical instrument builds confidence.

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