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Music For Young Minds Foundation
Each of our distinguished board members bring to this organization a vast wealth of leadership and management experience along with all of the necessary vision and knowledge that is required to succeed in reaching our goals. Each one of them shares a deep love of music and of the arts and they are all passionate and truly committed to helping as many children as possible receive the gift of music as set forth in the mission of this organization. Their collective integrity serves as the guiding force for all that we do in the community and for the benefit of all the young recipients that we support.  

"Music soothes our sorrows and brings us hope. Watching children sing and play instruments with faces radiant with joy reminds us of the power of music to lift the human spirit! Serving on the board of the Music For Young Minds Foundation is a privilege as we raise resources to share this precious gift of music with others!”

Pastor Of The First Congregational Church Of Anaheim


“Music is an art form that crosses many cultural boundaries and has a way of providing healing of our souls.  With our commitment to developing the talents of our youth, it ensures the continued emotional expression music possesses.”


Retired Air Traffic Manager

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"Music has a profoundly positive effect on child brain development. Stress relief, creativity, listening skills, and self-esteem are but a few of the essential benefits. I will always be grateful that my parents made music lessons a priority. Every child deserves a chance to have that gift. Music also connects us at a heart level and reminds us that we are all one."

Child Development Advocate And Music Artist


“Growing up in the mid-west most of my family members played a musical instrument. Listening to them play inspired me to learn the bass guitar. I am so excited to give my time and efforts to help young people see the joy and fullness that music can bring to one's life as I did.”

IT Service Manager And Musician

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