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Music For Young Minds Foundation
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We provide the young people who are a part of our foundation with a large variety of choices for their creative interest! The primary categories are music lessons and classes,sound and lighting classes,music for film and video classes,performance ensembles, music production and music education. There are basically two general formats of learning that we offer. Both are explained below!

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Donate A Scholarship $3,500.00/year


Scholarships are one year in length. Each student will receive one lesson per week for 50 weeks of private one on one instruction with a highly qualified teacher.

  • Voice

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Drums

  • Bass

  • Violin

  • Saxophone


Donate To Group Classes $10.00/class


Group classes are offered at various times throughout the year and offer students choices in many areas of interest. It only costs $10.00 per student to attend a class of their choosing!

  • Voice Ensembles

  • Vocal Workshops

  • Band Ensembles

  • Studio Recording

  • Lighting Design

  • Song Writing

  • Percussion Ensemble

  • Summer Camps

And more.....

Click Below To Donate A Scholarship

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Click Below To Make A Donation

You can also donate musical instruments,music equipment, lighting equipment, services, computers and other items as well! Just contact us with the details in order to make arrangements!

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